Important Message for Clergy, Churches and Others within the NYAC (updated)

Important Message for Clergy, Churches and Others within the NYAC (updated)


(Updated 9/16)

Several of our churches received calls from a person representing himself as Bishop McLee, asking for help for his sister, or a new parishoner coming to the church being called. 

This is a problem that is occurring across the denomination, with scammers trying to solicit money. They are using names of bishops and providing other information in order to sound legitimate. We have been told they sound very convincing. These scams have been delivered via emails, Facebook and now by phone calls. You should always be suspicious if you receive communications from anyone asking for money.

If you get a call from someone who says they are Bishop McLee, and you're not quite sure, please ask to call him back, then call his office line at 914-615-2221.

If this happens to you, we would STRONGLY urge you to send an email to Barbara Eastman, our manager of IT at She will add your complaint to the one we opened with the Federal Trade Commission as soon as possible. They will add to our case in their database, which is then accessed by law enforcement. 

These types of scams generally hit hard and fast. They could simply be accessing or and pulling information off the church locator pages. It is essential that the FTC gets as much information as soon as possible.

Please share this email with your administrative assistant, or others who answer the phone or receive email.