Volunteers Needed in CT

Volunteers Needed in CT


Dear Volunteers:

The Connecticut District Disaster Response Coordinator, Cassandra Broadus-Garcia is calling for URGENT help in response to the emergency caused by the Nor'easter October snow.

Please response if you are able by calling Cassandra at 860-680-6807 or Joseph at 914-615-2233.

Volunteers are needed for two primary areas:

1. Chain saw crew – those who own chain saws and have experience with them for tree removal and individuals who do not have chain saws but can work along with chain saw operators.

The chain saw crew will meet at Simsbury UMC, 799 Hopmeadow St (Rte 10), Simsbury, CT at 8:45am on Thursday, 11/3.

2. Individuals to volunteer in an emergency shelter. Tasks include and may not be limited to assisting shelter directors with distribution of food, and coordinating shelter residents.

What to bring: Volunteers should bring their own water, snacks, lunches, safety goggles, steel toe boots, leather work gloves, long sleeve pants and shirts are required.

As temperatures continue to drop at night the need for blankets is urgent

3. If you are interested to stay overnight please contact Cassandra at 860-680-6807 (cell phone availability is spotty so keep trying)

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