Hansen & Reyman Conquer Appalachian Trail!

Hansen & Reyman Conquer Appalachian Trail!


Congratulations to our intrepid hikers, Rev. Kristina Hansen and Leslie Reyman, for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Hansen pastors St. Paul's UMC in Northport, NY, and Reyman is former chair of Archives for the NYAC.

Dragonfly (trail name for Hansen) and Prairie Dog (Reyman) set out from Springer Mountain, Ga., on April 3, and completed the 2,184-mile trek in Maine this past weekend.

Here's Kristina's post and a photo from their blog:

Posted on October 6, 2013 by dragonfly2013at

October 5, 12 noon.
After a four hour climb we summited Katahdin and celebrated with thru hikers and day hikers. I cried.

It was very emotional to see in person the sign we had seen over and over again in photos all along the way.

We were particularly blessed in our last days on the trail to reconnect with Midway who we had known at the very beginning of our journey but hadn’t seen since before Virginia, and Tune who we hadn’t seen since Pennsylvania. It added a bit of poetry to our completion and the hugs were wonderful.

I suspect it would be nice if I had more to say at this point but I am still digesting the fact that we have hiked, rock scrambled, and cliff climbed for 182 days and now we are done.

Done? Or maybe just ready to start a new adventure at home.

Blessings on the journey,
Dragonfly aka Rev. Kristina Hansen