A Message from the Bishop About the Orlando Massacre

A Message from the Bishop About the Orlando Massacre


Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the NYAC,

How long oh Lord? How long?

Yet another mass killing, this time the worst in American history, leaves us stunned and heart broken. This heinous act of terrorism which has taken the lives of 50 innocent persons and left 53 wounded, many critically, calls us to renewed prayers for an end to violence. Because this act was specifically directed at the LGBTI community we must especially renew our advocacy for justice for all.

I call on all of us to pray fervently for the victims and their families and friends. I call upon us to search our own hearts for the evil of hatred, xenophobia, homophobia, racism, and of any spirit of condemnation of others. And I plead for the transformation of those who would perpetrate such evil.

Can the spirit of love and light of Christ prevail over the spirit of evil and darkness which leads to such an act? We must say yes with our lives and our actions. Perhaps our response can be symbolized by the long lines of people willing to give blood at sites in Orlando, two of which are United Methodist Churches. We raise our voices with millions all over the world who yearn for peace.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer.
In Christ's love,
Jane Allen Middleton