Bishop Middleton's Decision of Law II

Bishop Middleton's Decision of Law II


New York Annual Conference
Bishop’s Jane Middleton’s Decision of Law II
Request for a Decision of Law in Response to Judicial Council Decision 1330

"At the Clergy Session of the 2016 Annual Conference, the session had voted in a single vote by a vote of more than two-thirds of those present and voting to approve the 13 candidates for provisional membership and voted in a single vote by a vote of more than two-thirds of those present and voting to approve the 14 candidates for full membership as an ordained elder, same being all the candidates put forth by the Board of Ordained Ministry. After the voting, Rev. Steven M. Knutsen, an associate member without vote, requested a Decision of Law on four questions related to whether certain proceedings and procedures of the Board of Ordained Ministry were in accordance with the Book of Discipline’s stipulations.

"On approximately July 7, 2016, I published my Decision of Law ruling that the questions presented relate to proceedings and procedures of an independent Conference board that is not a subject upon which a decision of law can be made, and also in part because certain questions are hypothetical and out of order. My Decision was submitted to the Judicial Council as required by ¶ 2609.6 of the Book of Discipline (2012) and appeared on the Council’s fall calendar.

"On October 28, 2016, the Council delivered Decision No. 1330. In its Decision, it affirmed my refusal to rule on questions three and four. But, the Council reversed my ruling on questions one and two holding they 'are proper to rule upon, and the bishop cannot refuse to answer the questions.'" Read full Bishop’s Decision of Law II Submitted in response to Judicial Council Decision 1330

Accompanying documents:
1. Bishop’s Report To The Judicial Council of The United Methodist Church
2. Request For A Decision of Law by Clergy Member of Conference (undated but made in Clergy Session of Annual Conference June 8, 2016)
3. Certificate of Service / Interested Parties

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