Looking at Financial Impact of GC2020 Plans

Looking at Financial Impact of GC2020 Plans


By Heather Hahn
Feb. 24, 2020 | UM News

With a possible denominational split on the horizon, the task of preparing The United Methodist Church’s budget for the next four years comes with far more uncertainty than usual.

During a Feb. 21 online meeting, the General Council on Finance and Administration board discussed some of the what if’s that could affect the church’s financial future. 

Those include the impact of the proposed Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace through Separation and other possible splits over how accepting to be of homosexuality.
The finance agency board also raised questions about what the proposed addition of five new bishops in Africa means for the already imperiled funding for the Episcopal Fund that supports the denomination’s bishops.
The agency is preparing the general church budget proposal that will go before General Conference on May 5-15 in Minneapolis. The denomination’s international lawmaking body will have final say on any possible plan of separation as well as the 2021-2024 budget for denomination-wide ministries.
One thing the GCFA board and staff cannot answer at this point is just how many churches and members will leave if a plan of separation passes.

Even if no separation plan passes, church leaders expect lean times ahead. Already in 2019, the highly polarized denomination experienced nearly an 8 percent drop in general-church support compared with 2018.
“There will be a lack of funding no matter what happens after General Conference. I think we have to acknowledge that,” said Bishop Mike McKee, GCFA board president. McKee also leads the North Texas Conference budget. Read more>