MARCHA: Hispanic-Latino Voice Needed at GC2020

MARCHA: Hispanic-Latino Voice Needed at GC2020


The NYAC's Pastor Dorlimar Lebrón (left) prays with two young people, wrapped in the same type of blankets that immigrants are issued at U.S. immigration detention centers, during the meeting of The United Methodist Church’s Hispanic-Latino caucus in Philadelphia. Photo by Michelle Maldonado, UMCOM.

By the Rev. Gustavo Vasquez
Aug. 16, 2019 | PHILADELPHIA (UM News)

Racism, gun violence, the immigration crisis and internal clashes in The United Methodist Church were discussed at the 48th annual assembly of the Hispanic-Latino United Methodist caucus in Philadelphia.

“We know that Hispanic-Latino ministries are going to be impacted by any of the decisions taken by the 2020 General Conference, so it is essential that the caucus take the voice of our people to the General Conference,” said Bishop Elias Galvan, executive director of Methodists Associated Representing the Cause of Hispanic-Latino Americans.

“Our purpose is not to advocate for MARCHA but for the ministry of our church among the Hispanic-Latino population,” said Galvan during the opening session of the Aug. 1-4 caucus.

MARCHA, founded in 1971, is an unofficial group of The United Methodist Church. The caucus seeks to ensure that the contributions and cultural values of the Hispanic-Latino community are appreciated in the church and society.

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