NYAC Redrafts, Approves Resolution on Divestment Policies

NYAC Redrafts, Approves Resolution on Divestment Policies


During the 218th session of the New York Annual Conference, all but one resolution was approved on the consent calendar by the plenary. That initial resolution, #AC501 “Caring for God’s Creation through Improved Investment Policies,” was submitted by the conference Board of Church & Society and was on page 83 of the pre-conference booklet.

A substitute resolution was offered by Rev. Bill Shillady and members of the conference's Board of Pensions and Health Benefits. When that version came to the floor, it was referred for more discussion. When it returned to the plenary later on Friday, June 9, it passed.

The referral petition reads as follows:

“Whereas, climate change is a worldwide crisis that requires concerted action as initially provided for by the Paris Accord and other international agreements.
Therefore, be it resolved, the committees, board, or other entities of the NYAC will consider divestment of its funds invested in the production of fossil fuels (i.e., coal, petroleum, natural gas, and associated by-products) as expeditiously as possible subject to the fiduciary responsibilities and requirements of the United Methodist Discipline;
Be it further resolved, that each committee, board, or other entity of the NYAC that invests conference funds shall report in October and April to the NYAC Secretary, Treasurer, CFO, and Chairman of Church & Society and the President of CF&A the status of their fossil fuel investments and the rationale as to why funds continue to be invested in fossil fuel production.”