Rev. Dr. Bill Shillady's Closing Benediction at the DNC

Rev. Dr. Bill Shillady's Closing Benediction at the DNC


Video of the prayer (source: Democratic National Committee).
Video of the prayer with footage of Clintons and Kaines listening backstage (source: Hillary for America).
The advance text of the benediction offered by Rev. Dr. William Shillady following Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the DNC:

Please hold the hands of the persons next to you!  Let us pray:

O God of many names, we know that you call us to work hard to bring people together. 
To build bridges of hope for the future, we reach out to our neighbors, no matter their race, creed, sexual orientation, or color.  We hold hands together for healing the pain and grief from violence and death.  Lord, we allow Your love to overcome our fears as we learn to respect the “other” and to treat the most vulnerable of our Society just as we do our friends.  Help us to become the loving children you want us to be!

We ask You to open our minds to discern the complex issues of our communities, our nation, and our world.  Lord, open our hearts to your Spirit and to your teaching to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Help us to open our doors with radical hospitality to all our neighbors, seeking both conversation and civic actions as we work together to end discrimination in all forms – and to solve our communities’ problems together.

Lord, you have spoken through your prophets and teachers throughout history.  They have taught us that we must not demonize individuals, groups, or peoples of other faiths as a response to perceived threats.  They have challenged us to tear down the walls of fear and hatred so that we can be stronger together.  They have called us to love others as we love you – and to treat others as we wish to be treated. 

Lord, as we hold hands right now, we are reminded that together, we can transform the world for good.

Lord God, give us the courage to leave this convention with determination and fortitude to move onward and upward to become a better nation, one that can solve our many problems together, and not apart.  Help the world to see our nation as a shining lamp on a hill.

Be with our sister Hillary and our brother Tim. Give them courage, strength and stamina for the 102 days left ahead, and then to lead our country.

Great God of the Universe, may we as the founder of Methodism taught: “Do all the good we can. By all the means we can. In all the ways we can. In all the places we can. At all the times we can. To all the people we can. As long as ever we can.”