Special-Called Session Announcement

Special-Called Session Announcement


Dear Clergy and Lay Members of Annual Conference,

I wanted to correspond with you directly as we anticipate the gathering of the special-called session of our Annual Conference.  

Please remember that the stated purpose of this meeting is limited to the scope of the call for the meeting.  The special session is “for the purpose of reviewing and discussing the results of the Special Called Session of the General Conference.”  

This means that the purpose for our time together will be to provide accurate and clear communication regarding the legislation that was passed at the Special Session of the General Conference so that everyone can hear together the decisions made, as well as the potential impact those decisions will have on our work and ministry here in the New York Annual Conference.  In addition, we will hear reports from our New York delegation, as well as updates on how we propose to continue our work of fulfilling our mission and ministry here in the New York Annual Conference in light of the decisions made.  There will be time for questions and opportunities for dialogue with each other.

The limited scope of this meeting means that we will not be able to entertain any motions or receive any legislation at this meeting.  We can, however, use this time as an incubator of ideas that might be used to craft programmatic and legislative directions at our regular Annual Conference session in June.

Most of all, I want to acknowledge again the reality that this is a very tender time for our denomination in general and for many individuals—especially our LGBTQIA sisters and brothers-- in particular.  We are not gathering next Saturday to extend or deepen that hurt.  Rather, we are gathering to take advantage of the opportunity to be with one another and to provide words of support, healing and love in the midst of deep hurt and pain.  

I pray that you will come with that spirit as we gather to listen, learn, and care for one another.

I look forward to seeing you next Saturday, March 16th.

The Journey Continues, . . .


Grace & Peace,

Thomas Bickerton
Resident Bishop