UMCNext Plan Would Remove LGBTQ Restrictions in BOD

UMCNext Plan Would Remove LGBTQ Restrictions in BOD


By Sam Hodges
Aug. 19, 2019 | DALLAS (UM News)

A group of centrists and progressives is offering a plan that would eliminate The United Methodist Church’s restrictions against LGBTQ ordination and same-sex weddings, while allowing local churches that disagree to depart and organize into new forms of Methodism.

This latest effort to address the denomination’s deep, longstanding division over homosexuality comes from the convening team of the UMCNext coalition, which includes Reconciling Ministries Network, Uniting Methodists and Mainstream UMC.

“The UMCNext Proposal allows a creative way for churches to build a new expression of Methodism if desired and a path to create a renewed global United Methodist Church for those who remain,” said the Rev. Junius B. Dotson, executive convener of the team and top executive of United Methodist Discipleship Ministries.

Though the plan is still being fleshed out in petition form, backers say it would keep The United Methodist Church intact, while also allowing greater regional autonomy and a gracious exit.

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