Yim Installed as LIE District Superintendent

Yim Installed as LIE District Superintendent


Editor, The Vision

“To God Be the Glory” was a more than fitting processional for the installation service of Rev. Julia Yeon-Hee Yim as superintendent of the Long Island East District. In his introduction, Rev. Luonne Rouse, chair of the superintendency committee, praised Yim as one whose “life glorifies the Lord.

“She has a sincere heart,” he said. “She is moving under the guidance of Almighty God.”

The Bible Korean United Methodist Church in Dix Hills, N.Y, hosted the October 16 service for Yim, who took on her new role on July 1. Yim walked up the aisle hand-in-hand with Bishop Thomas Bickerton, and they both paused to bow at the altar before going to their seats.

Music was provided by the Christ Church Worship Team and the Bible UMC Choir, both from the LIE District, in addition to a choir made up of clergy from the Korean Caucus. After the caucus sang, “My Jesus I Love Thee,” Yim applauded with glee and called the group together to snap a “selfie.” Revs. Leslie Duroseau and Sheila Beckford also witnessed to the moment through a liturgical dance.

Clergy and laity from the district presented various signs of Yim’s new leadership role, such as a Bible, Book of Disciple, and gavel.

In a message marked with humor and entitled, “W.O.W. L.I.E!,” Yim began by praising her predecessors and her family, especially her mother, who was in attendance.

“I’m like a turtle on a fence post,” Yim said with a smile. “I didn’t get here on my own . . . It is a high honor to be among you.”

She said had wondered what she would say to a sold-out crowd – a crowd “sold out on Jesus Christ.”

Yim also noted that she was sombered by the faithful witness she has been finding across the district, and raised concerns about the burdens placed on pastors and the possibility of “passion depletion.

“I’ve been there,” she said. “Peter suffered a passion failure three times, but what love Christ still had for him . . . when I look at Peter I see me.”

She suggested ways to overcome this passion depletion using the acrostic wow-wow.

W: Wait on the Lord. Too often we’re too busy working to wait. Watch and pray. Marinate, saturate in God’s presence.

O: Open up the things clogging the power line. How do we stop and get God’s full attention? With a contrite and broken spirit.

W: Worship. Do we linger much in God’s worship? Only when we do this will we be filled up as leaders. And yet we wonder why our churches aren’t excited.

O: Overflow. When we’re full we overflow, and people will see that. We’re filled up with what God is doing.

W: Win the lost. We need to witness to the world of God’s love, to overwhelm people with God’s love. We don’t want to be a swamp, but a river flowing in the love of God.

“It’s not about you, or me, or the UMC, it’s about Jesus,” Yim said. “I hope to see the churches of the LIE mobilized as centers of healing, forgiveness and transformation.

“So wait on the power, so we may overflow and overwhelm,” she said in conclusion.

An offering was collected to benefit evangelism events in the LIE District. Following the late afternoon service, a reception prepared by Women’s Ministries of Bible UMC was held in the fellowship hall.