Youth Ambassadors in Mission Blog from Ghana

Youth Ambassadors in Mission Blog from Ghana


Youth Ambassadors in Mission and others on the church steps in Ghana.

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Children's Sunday in Ghana

We started off the day a little late. We were supposed to get up and be in the cafeteria by 8:30, but by the time everyone got up and ready for breakfast, it was closer to 9. After breakfast we headed out to church. Church was very fun, everyone sung and danced. The service was very lively and it caused many laughs. This Sunday was Children’s Sunday in the Ghana United Methodist Church, so the children did all the reading and even the sermon. After service, we went outside and started talking with locals for a short time. Some of them even asked us to take pictures with them. It was like we were famous. We went back to our home base where we sleep and we began to sort, and count all of our mission supplies that were to be donated to Ghana.
– Michael Hullstrung

Children Running the Church!

Instructions were to be in the cafeteria strictly at 8:30 a.m. But without our phones most people woke up late causing a late start in our day. Once we ate breakfast, we were able to get in the van and head to the church. It was Children’s Sunday, which takes place every 10 th Sunday. This is when the children practically run the church service. We watched from our seats on the side as all the children in the church happily participated in the service. Afterwards we went back to the compound for lunch. After lunch we were able to change into more comfortable clothes so that we could sort through the medical supplies that we all brought to donate. After sorting and taking count, we had a short break before dinner at 6. Everyone was happy to see we had something other than rice for dinner. Once that was done, we reflected on our day and had sad/glad tiime.Which we ended our day with. – Wodley Bruny

What do I do with a baby?

Today started out waking up at 5:00 am, followed by the coldest, quickest shower I have ever taken. Before breakfast, which started at 6:00, was eaten my family led the group in devotion. After breakfast, we headed on the bus and drove to the worksite. Once at the worksite, a clinic run by the Methodist Church, we loaded off bags of supplies and waited for further instruction. While we waited, the small group of women waiting slowly grew to be more and more. Women clad in bright colors, some carrying babies, others baskets, all began to trek to the clinic. While at the clinic, we worked to clear away rocks, rotting wood, and other garbage in front of the nurses’ quarters that were being updated. We also worked to dig holes to put posts into. This was the worst because the ground was full of large rocks. After lunch, we visited a village near the clinic. The people here lived in compounds, which are mud huts connected to each other by a wall where a whole family would live. The people we met were very welcoming to us, and small children followed us around wherever we went. One woman even handed me a baby. After leaving the village we returned to where we are staying. – Tim Bosco