NYAC Immigration Task Force

Welcome to the NYAC Immigration Task Force

The Immigration Task Force invites you to do everything possible to protect the life and dignity of those that God has called us to care for, “the least of these.” Jesus was very clear about our call as his followers on how to treat the stranger among us, "because I was a stranger and you welcomed me."

United Methodist Stand on Immigration:

Rights of Immigrants (UMC Social Principles)

We recognize, embrace, and affirm all persons, regardless of country of origin, as members of the family of God. We affirm the right of all persons to equal opportunities for employment, access to housing, health care, education, and freedom from social discrimination. We urge the Church and society to recognize the gifts, contributions, and struggles of those who are immigrants and to advocate for justice for all. We oppose immigration policies that separate family members from each other or that include detention of families with children, and we call on local churches to be in ministry with immigrant families. http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/the-social-community

The NYAC Immigration Task Force:

Is an advocacy branch of the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church whose primary task is to engage with the realities our Immigrant and Refugee friends face in their daily lives. ITF serves as an active community of voices that come together to Advocate for the rights of Immigrants/Refugees, through careful LISTENING, EDUCATION and PARTNERSHIP.

Immigration Task Force Areas of Focus:

  • Sanctuary Churches Network
    • Local, Jurisdictional, National and Global
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
    • Call to Action
    • Prayer Vigils
    • Public Engagements
    • Resolutions
    • Call your reprentatives
  • Educational Trainings
    • How to get involved with ITF
    • How to do Lobbying and Advocacy
    • Sanctuary Churches Trainings
    • Accompaniment Trainings
    • Immigrant Welcoming Communities Trainings
    • Know Your Rights - NEW YORK JFON (Justice for Our Neighbors)


UMC Stand on Immigration:

Becoming a Sanctuary Church

Other Resources


Recursos en Espanol

Partners In Ministry:

     General Board of Church and Society

     United Methodist Women

     NY-JFON (Justice for Our Neighbor)

     National Justice for Our Neighbor

     New Sanctuary Coalition

     Church World Service


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