Personnel Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the New York Annual Conference Personnel Committee is to provide support for the staffing and personnel needs of the Annual Conference; encourage staff members to use their diverse gifts and skills in service to the ministry and vision of the Annual Conference; and develop policies and practices that insure excellence of performance and compliance consistent with the United Methodist Book of Discipline, current professional standards and laws and regulations.

Committee Roles & Responsibilities

The Personnel Committee of the New York Annual Conference is the Human Resources authority for lay conference staff who work at the Conference Center, our two camps and at our six district offices. For clergy appointed to staff positions, the Committee provides personnel support to the Bishop and the Cabinet. Under general guidance from the Bishop the Committee performs the typical duties of a Human Resources Director either directly or through the offices of the CFO & Director of Administrative Services and the HR & Benefits Manager.

Such duties include:

1.  Develops and communicates HR policies and procedures which apply to conference staff via the publication and maintenance of the NYAC Personnel Manual. The tone and content of these policies will foster mutual respect and an understanding of the importance of fair treatment of all employees.

2.  Provides a format for and instructions on writing clear and accurate job descriptions for each position on the conference staff.

3.  Reviews requests for and provides advice/approval on recommendations for new or restructured staff positions as well as positions recommended for elimination. Such reviews include agreement on employee classification, pay levels and the method of recruitment/sourcing of new hires.

4.  In coordination with the Bishop, convenes and/or actively participates on executive search teams/committees when filling senior leadership positions. At least one member of the Personnel Committee will be a "voting" member of each search team. Depending on the size and makeup of the search team, more than one Personnel Committee member may participate. The Committee will monitor and ensure an effective, professional selection process is followed for all such openings.

5.  Provides policy and process tools to assist managers in the regular review and evaluation of employee on the job performance (Performance Review Process [PRP]). Trains managers on effectively utilizing the PRP and in delivering delivering constructive feedback and coaching.

6.  Advises managers on employee relations matters including individual performance, effectiveness/productivity, workplace behavior and other situations which might result in the reassignment, disciplining or termination an employee.

7.   Recommends periodic training and development activities for conference staff members on wellness, diversity, inclusiveness, and compliance related or required classes on sexual harassment and appropriate workplace behavior; also recommendations for skills enhancement identified through the PRP.

8.  Investigates and/or reviews claims of unfair or improper treatment in the workplace including alleged violations of policies, laws and regulations.

9.  Researches, reviews and recommends new or changed HR practices including cash compensation, benefits, paid time off or other conditions of employment.

[Adopted 10-07-15]

Members (2017/2018)

Chair: Ed Horne
Vice-Chair: Parker Prout
Secretary: Vernay Mitchell-McKnight


Robert Bobb
Eric Fjeldal
Margaret Howe
Melissa Hinnen
Dorlimar Lebron-Malave
Douglas McArthur
Melodye Merola
Randy Nugent

Representatives from Conference Committees:
Camps Governing Board: Leslie Vachon
CF&A: Jason Radmacher
United Methodist Frontier Foundation: TBD

Cabinet/Staff Reps: Matt Curry, Dir of Connnectional Ministries; Julia Yeon Hee Yim, Cabinet Rep; Sally Truglia, Benefits & HR Manager;  Ross E. Williams, CFO

Sexual Ethics Policy & Procedure

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"Whistleblower" Information Whistle Blower

The New York Annual Conference strives to act with integrity, honesty and respect for all persons with whom we come into contact. We rely on you to help us by speaking up whenever any situation threatens our values and our reputation. When you do, you provide us with the information necessary to remedy the situation. 

Such situations may pertain to: 

  • Ethics and compliance issues, such as accounting and financial reporting
  • Employee relations, such as harassment, discrimination or disciplinary action
  • Loss prevention and asset protection, such as threats and violence, alcohol/drug abuse, workers' compensation fraud or internal theft
  • Illegal acts

If you have concerns about any of these or other matters, please contact either the chair of our Personnel Committee (Rev. Ed Horne or the chair of our Council on Finance and Administration (Jerry Eyster at  Be assured that you will never be retaliated against or punished in any way for reporting your concerns in good faith.

For information on the US Department of Labor's Whistleblower Protection Program, click here>>