General Conference 2019 - Sunday, Feb. 24

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Sun rises over the St. Louis Arch.

Bishops add their lights as the body sings, "This Little Light of Mine," during the Sunday morning witness.

Who's in the bleachers? Reserve delegates Tiffany French Goffe, Ann Craig, Rev. Sheila Beckford, Roena Littlejohn; and Rev. Adrienne Brewington.

Who's in the bleachers? Clergy Scott Summerville, Bruce Lamb, Melissa Boyer, and Jeff Wells; laity Brinna Kolitz.

NYAC Chancellor Larry McGaughey hanging with some chancellor colleagues in the bleachers.

"Conversation Couch," a place for delegates to have conversations with those who identify as LGBTQI+.

Public witness by people of color, including many NYAC members.

Bishop Bickerton processes in with the other bishops for Sunday morning worship.

Worship team members Ian Jay Wharton and Ximena Varas

Bishop Bickerton meets with the NYAC delegation.

Bishop Bickerton meets with the NYAC delegation.