Hurricane Sandy - 2012 Photo Albums

GBGM Day of Service on Long Island

Staffers from GBGM and UMCOR spent April 13, 2013, learning about, and working in the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Hurricane Sandy / Bishop in Freeport

April 2, 2013: Bishop Martin D. McLee meets with three homeowners and the disaster site team in Freeport, NY.

Hurricane Sandy / Dec. 2012 / Far Rockaway Mission

The UM Center in Far Rockaway continued to stay open in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy despite a lack of electricity. And ...

Hurricane Sandy Damage & Recovery / Nov 2012

From Staten Island, Far Rockaway and Freeport / November 24, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Damage & Recovery 2 / Nov 2012

Photos from Massapequa and Lindenhurst on the first Saturday after the storm.

Hurricane Sandy Response - Freeport - 11/16/2012

Disaster Response Team from North Broadway UMC in Columbus, Ohio in front of a home in Freeport, NY. Nov. 16, 2012