Racial Justice

Take Action for Racial Justice!

 Churches, Activists and Police in Solidarity for Loving, Outspoken Communities or CAPSLOC is designed to get to the root causes of police violence in a way that highlights the humanity and needs of each individual involved. CAPSLOC brings together members of minoritized communities with the police who serve there. Workshops, and especially the follow up decisions will be tailored to each community they happen in.

Cross Cultural Bible Study - Are you looking for an engaging and simple Bible Study for your congregation during Lent?  Check out this 4-session study on the first four chapters of Exodus that has been prepared by the Racial Justice team of the Board of Church and Society.  No cost and simple to use - everything you need, including prayer, hymn, discussion questions, etc. is included.

Any questions, please call Jennifer Berry at 267-978-3082 or send email to: jennifer.berry@nyac-umc.com

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