Rest and Renewal Resources

Wespath Resources

Delivered to You, A Clergy Wellness Event (Feb 8-9, 2021)
Wespath is offering an eight-hour event over two days that focuses on your emotional, financial and physical wellness. Event registration is $49 per person and the deadline to sign up is January 29, 2021.  

The NYAC Board of Pensions has generously agreed to provide registration scholarships to the first 20 clergy who sign up for this event. To receive a scholarship, you must register, pay for registration and e-mail NYAC Human Resources and Benefits Manager, Sally Truglia your scholarship request with proof of enrollment.

Wespath Employee Assistance Program
As NYAC clergy you have access to mental health services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which includes mental health counselors to assist you in finding work/life services to better balance work and personal responsibilities.To learn more, visit the HealthFlex/WebMD website for information on a range of Well-Being Programs. Click on "Employee Assistance Program (EAP)" on the bottom right for details. Your first eight visits are free!  (Additional visits will need to be pre-approved by BCBS.) Have questions? Call Optum Health directly at 1-866-881-6800 to discuss your needs.  

Healthflex Programs for Your Well-Being 

EY Financial Planning Services

Saving Grace: A Guide to Financial Well-Being

Clergy Self-Care and Wellness Videos

Loving Ourselves: Best Practices and Tips for Clergy Self-Care (Coming Soon)
A thoughtful discussion featuring pastoral psychotherapist, Thea Crites and Rev. Dr. David D. Henry, a clinical chaplain, pastoral counselor and retired ordained elder currently serving St. Paul's United Methodist Church. 

Other Resources

Podcast: Prayer and Prozac by Rev. Shari Ponder (Executive Pastor, Salem United Methodist Church in Manhattan) 

Can someone have both strong faith and a strong therapist? Does God approve of non-traditional healing besides just "praying hard enough?" Prayer and Prozac (Prozac is metaphorical. It may be medicine, yoga, mindful meditation, and other alternative therapies) is a podcast that thoughtfully examines the intersection of mental health, emotional well-being, Jesus, healing, the church, and prayer. The podcast is currently on a brief hiatus, but the archived episodes are well worth a listen!




Sight Psalms from the Upper Room
Sight Psalms is a daily, online, photo inspiration intended to help people reflect on God’s presence in the world and in their lives through the use of images. Each day, a new photograph is posted to evoke reflection and inspiration within themes connected to the Christian year, and it is usually accompanied by a few words.

YouVersion Rest: a new way to meditate on Scripture. Find peace in the words of God while listening to a calming voice read the Psalms to you. These videos includes a female or a male voice, along with four soothing background sounds: rain, thunderstorm, ocean and soft piano. Each video contains readings of 16 uplifting chapters from Psalms.

Brene Brown, professor, lecturer, best-selling author, and podcast host, on Building Empathy. Her Podcast, Unlocking Us, is available online and on Spotify for those who want to hear more.