Stage One: Present Reality

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Current Mode of Operation for NYAC Churches: Three Stages to Reopening

Stage One: Present Reality

This is how all NYAC churches must currently operate until permission is given to move to the next stage.

  1. Churches are closed for in-person gatherings and extracurricular use.
  2. Exceptions are feeding ministries, homeless ministries, essential worship teams, IT personnel for Iivestreaming and videotaping, childcare services for essential workers, etc. These ministries must utilize strict safety and sanitation protocols and are only gathering to accomplish their essential, stated needs.
  3. Churches are only recording online, livestreaming, or using video services. Worship teams are confined to five or less people.
  4. The only personnel allowed in the building are those that come at an appointed hour to disinfect the building, make deposits, collect mail, etc. These restrictions currently apply to all churches in New York and Connecticut within the bounds of our Conference.

What Must We Do Immediately? At this point, each NYAC congregation should organize a team to begin exploring how to begin preparing for the next stage.

a person cleaning table with sanitizer

Please see page 17 for a “Worksheet for Protocol Planning and Reopening Teams” that you can use to begin your journey towards reopening.

In addition, you should begin to:

  1. Collect necessary supplies
  2. Clean the building
  3. Develop crucial plans
  4. Communicate with your congregation members, and
  5. Work toward certification for reopening