Stage Three: Permission

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Current Mode of Operation for NYAC Churches: Three Stages to Reopening

Stage Three: Permission

These are practices that will be allowed once permission is given to resume limited/restricted in-person worship and other activities

The process to reopen our churches for ministry begins when the government leadership of your region gives permission to begin reopening.

For churches in New York: when your region enters Phase Four. For churches in Connecticut: when the governor grants permission to begin the reopening phase. The District Superintendent gives permission for your church building to reopen.

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To have permission to reopen, your church must do the following:

  • Complete the “Worksheet for Protocol Planning and Reopening Teams.”
  • Ensure your Protocol Planning and Reopening Team meets the reopening requirements.
  • Submit the worksheet with the documented plans to your District Superintendent.
  • Submit the signed church certification to your District Superintendent.

District Superintendent Requirements

After reviewing and approving your church’s reopening plans, your District Superintendent can give permission to reopen and issue a reopening badge to be displayed in your outward-facing windows, entry-way doors and website homepage. This badge lets members, visitors, and building users know your church has prepared the building, its people, and met the requirements to safely receive them into the building.

The Sequence for Reopening

Bishop Bickerton will announce the date for entry into this next stage

  1. District Superintendents utilizing the Cooperative Parish Coordinators, will announce the date for the limited reopening.
  2. District Superintendents will create a database for each congregation’s plans moving into this stage. Some congregations may not feel comfortable moving into this stage at the appointed time. In such instances you must be prepared to begin or maintain online worship and ministry.

    Some pastors who are in a category of vulnerability, may not feel comfortable moving into this stage. Appropriate measures for online worship and ministry alternatives will need to be put into place. Coverage for in-person worship will also need to be negotiated with the District Superintendent, if the congregation wishes to resume in-person activity.

    Activity within Stage Three will be maintained until an announcement is issued noting our move into the next stage of our operations.

    Detailed guidelines for the next phase will be released at the appropriate time with ample notice for implementation.

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