Storytelling Workshop Agenda

To ensure a robust experience with opportunities for engagement, connection, and learning the Storytelling Workshop 2020 is a full day event. The virtual program (conducted on Zoom) will begin promptly ay 9:30am and
run until 5:00pm on Saturday, November 7, 2020. There will be breaks offered throughout. 
This structure will allow all registrants the opportunity to take part in a range of highly interactive program components, including a performance by our two facilitators, a plenary session, two interactive workshops, opportunities for deeper, individualized learning and more.

Gathering in breakout rooms for meet/greet and engagement opportunities with their
fellow participants ahead of the workshop.

10:00am—11:00 am  Introduction to program, our storytellers, and a short story from Sheila Arnold and
Donald Davis

11:00am—11:15am  Program Break
11:15am—12:15pm  Plenary session: The Power of Storytelling
12:15pm—1:00pm  Lunch with breakout rooms engagement opportunities

1:00pm —2:00pm  Workshop: Finding One's Story (Donald Davis)
2:00pm — 3:00pm Workshop: Making An Impact Without Landing a Blow (Sheila Arnold)
3:00pm — 3:15pm Program Break

3:15pm — 4:15pm  Plenary Session: Lessons learned

4:15pm —5:00pm  Closing stories: Demonstrating what Great Storytelling is All About