2020 Storytelling Workshop


Everyone loves a good story. And deep inside, most of us have a good story. But not everyone can tell a good story.

We all have a story to tell; our own unique set of experiences and personal understandings that dictate how we move through and process the world around us. Yet for most people, these stories are unlikely to be shared with anyone outside of a small, trusted and typically like-minded circle of individuals. It’s an understandable and unfortunate circumstance, especially now. In the midst of these challenging times, we’re all managing a set of unprecedented experiences that should conceivably bring believers closer to God—and closer together as the Body of Christ.

Prepare to Find, Nurture and Share Your Story

Whether it’s an experience about living alone yet thriving during the Pandemic; the loved one who as an essential worker ventured out daily; a personally triumphant moment in the midst of despair; a narrative about dealing with the loss of a loved one; or the unexpected ways in which these times have shapes one’s faith. 

We’ve all been through something that could help others in their own personal journeys.  

Or perhaps it’s a sharing of the feelings you had the moment you summoned the strength to watch the video of George Floyd taking his last breath; your telling of a personal encounter that changed your life in unimaginable ways; a connection made during a time when so few are able to listen and connect; or a narrative about the pain felt for your children who will have to live and grow in a world that views them as “other.”

We all have experiences worth sharing to educate, inform, inspire and engage with others.

With this understanding, the New York Annual Conference has partnered with our Commission on Archives and History to offer a unique opportunity to select a group of clergy and laity interested in honing their storytelling skills with two masterful and renowned professional storytellers— Sheila Arnold and Donald Davis.

This FREE, storytelling workshop will take place on Saturday, November 7, 2020 virtually on Zoom. To ensure an optimal learning experience during this full day event (9:30am - 5:00pm) registration will be strictly limited to 30 participants.

The event agenda is structured in manner that will allow all in attendence the opportunity to take part in a broad range of activities, including a performance by our two facilitators, a plenary session, two interactive workshops, breakout rooms to create opportunities for deeper, individualized learning and more.

To take part in the workshop, you must register as soon as possible. Please note that space is strictly limited
to 30 participants and other criteria designed to ensure even and equitable representation of both clergy and laity throughout all areas within our Conference.

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*A recorded version of this live event will be made available for viewing after the workshop.