Preparation Documents for Local Church Tables I, II & III

Dear Pastor, Finance Committee Chair, Local Church Treasurer:

Welcome to the 2018 Table Preparation Process!

This process is to collect your 2017 data.

The GCFA reporting Tables I, II and III will be opened on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Click here to go to the GCFA Web site Important: The deadline for reporting is Wednesday midnight, January 31, 2018.

We at the Conference will complete the following lines in Table II: Lines 28 through 36F, 39, 40, 41b, 41c, 50a

We at the Conference will complete the following lines in Table III: Line 54a

The local church does NOT need to complete these lines.


Log on instructions, username, password and document overview

The tables are located at All churches have two user names. The user names are 341 then your local church number followed by either "p" (pastor) or "o" (office). That will be nine digits total. For example, if your NY Church number is 99999 and you are the pastor, your username will be 34199999p. You can find your local church number on a church statement, benefits invoice or in the 2018 Apportionments document.

The initial password for both the pastor and the office is: NYAC341. NYAC must be capital letters with no space.

Click here to get the log-on instructions and an overview of how to use the GCFA Web site

Click here for printable line-by-line instruction

Click here for a blank, generic version of the questions (for preparation purposes) You can also see the section below, "Preparation Documents" for more comprehensive versions of this file in English, Spanish and Korean and for a worksheet that helps you prepare the figures for lines 41-44 of Table II.

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 to access the Ezra web site, please click here to view additional instructions

It’s very important that you hit the save button every 60 minutes or more often. If you do not save your data for 60 minutes the system will "time out" or automatically log you off. If this occurs, will have lost all unsaved data. When the system times out, you will have to log back in and resubmit any data that wasn't previously saved. Remember, there is no limit on how often or how many times you can save your tables.


District Statisticians

Each district has a statistician. The statistician has been trained in the use of the Tables and the instructions for completing them. Questions should be directed to your district statistician. The statistician will be able to view your Tables and change them. He/she will also be able to view or print reports of your status. The District Statisticians are:

District Email

Margaret Howe


David Piscatelli


Lillian Hertel

Nancy Fogg

3-LI East

3-LI East

Milagros Solorzano


Margaret Mouzon


Kevin Mulqueen



Other questions or if you cannot reach your District Statisticians contact:

Margaret Howe 845-943-8962

Judy Walters 914-615-2236


Preparation Documents

Table Preparation Documents

Below are links to blank preparation documents for Tables I, II & III in English, Spanish and Korean. Any data inserted in these preparation documents must be transferred to the actual tables on the GCFA Web site. 


The Compensation and Expense Worksheet

This worksheet helps you prepare the figures for lines 41-44 of Table II. Click to view this worksheet as a translatable web page or as a Word document in English.
Please note: to translate the Compensation and Expense Worksheet as a web page, choose your language in the "Google Translator" in the right column.