Technology Ministries

Technology Ministries, or called the “Tech Ministries” by the volunteers in the group, is a group able to help all churches with technology questions.  Technology questions could be simple or complex.  The team will help all churches to understand and help them to deliver what they really need. The Tech Ministries services are:

  • Audio solutions
  • Video solutions
  • Computer applications
    • Websites and web-applications solutions
    • Social media solutions
    • Office solutions (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OpenOffice, etc.)
    • Financial solutions
    • Security solutions
    • Hardware solutions
  • Internet and WIFI solutions
  • Virtual meetings and conference calls

Some churches don’t understand how to “stream” their worship. The “Tech Ministries” knows what to do and how to help.  The goal is to work through the solutions such as the audio, video and the Internet (and WIFI) solutions to develop a new solution called a Streaming solution for churches.  A Streaming solution can help a church grow and evolve more than any other. 

Tech Ministries can also help pastors to get on-line and work with Zoom and other virtual meetings and conference calls.  This is a big help to churches. 

As part of the Technology Ministries, we are working with the Technology Grant community.  We can help you work through the technology grants, if you would like. Grants are a huge additional help in getting a church set up and Tech Ministries can help.  If you need a technology grant, please choose this link ( grant ) to provide you the grant proposal.  If you need a Zoom grant, please click on this link ( grant ) and we can provide you a Zoom grant proposal.  These grants are not the function of the Tech Ministries team. 

If you have a Tech problem, please write to the team and ask your question.  The email for the Technology Ministries is  Please send your email.