The Vision Magazine - Summer 2021

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The Korean United Methodist Church & Institute (KUMCI) is a place of history and heritage. This "little church that could" has survived and thrived since its founding.

But in recent years, Reverend YongBo Lee and a team of devoted laity and members have worked to keep KUMCI
in the building that it has called home for more than 100 years. 

With constant twists, turns—and likely a good deal of divine intervention—this church has a success story to tell that's literally decades in the making.



What do Wonder Woman, Simba and a Nine-Millimeter Beretta that shoots underwater have in common?  

Crazy question, but read our feature article on Reverend Elizabeth Abel, the incredible Shero Pastor from our Cornerstone Community Church and it'll all make great sense. 

Rev. Abel (or Pastor Liz as members of her church and the larger community in Norwalk call her) is shaking things up and modeling what it looks like to be hands-on, community-focused pastor for a new generation of United Methodists.


Memorial Brew is not your everyday coffee shop. Created for and run by entrepreneurial teens, this high-end coffee shop located at Memorial United Methodist Church in White Plains is an example of an unconventional youth ministry that (judging from the early morning lines for fresh brewed coffee and tasty accompaniments) is taking the local community by storm, one cup at a time.

Watch and learn from the video below, featuring Memorial's Rev. Siobhan Sargent Faustino before you read our reporting on how this creative ministry came to be and is flourishing while connecting with teens. 




The Republic of Ghana and Shelton, Connecticut may be worlds apart, but in one New York Annual Conference Church, people who hail from these two very different places are united in their love of the Lord. 

This love has pushed aside a racial divide, bringing blessings to the congregants of both Huntington United Methodist Church and Derby Ghana United Methodist Church.

In this issue, you'll learn how Reverend InKoo Chung, leaned and lived into this understanding to give life to “love your neighbor” in tangible ways.




If the NYAC had a bestseller list, the Catskill Hudson District Cookbook might just be on it. The book is not only a collection of recipes (there are over 400 in it), it is also the means by which the District's Cooperative Parishes created and built connection in new ways.  

And this is only the start.

With preorders for 1,700 Cookbooks – now add that to $10 charged for each order – the collaboration netted $17,000 among the churches – some churches selling less than 10 and one selling 103 books. We call this creative fundraising!


The pandemic may be winding down, but the work to support people and communities in need continues.

Take a look at how St. Paul & St. Andrew United Methodist Church and its intrepid and creative leaders, Senior Pastor Rev. K Karpen and Associate Pastor, Rev. Lea Matthews, fought food insecurity during the uncertain days at the start of the Pandemic. 

Their efforts can help you learn what your church  can do to boost its feeding program going forward.