Fitting the Budget Together

Each March the Council on Finance and Administration (CF&A), which is made up of both clergy and laity, holds a day of budget hearings.  At this meeting all committees, commissions, agencies and departments of the conference have the opportunity to present budget requests.  CF&A studies and incorporates those requests and then prepares an overall budget for the conference.

That budget is presented at the conference’s annual June gathering, where it is approved – sometimes after modifications are made. The conference treasurer’s office apportions the budget to the approximately 440 churches within the conference.  Contrary to popular belief, apportionments are not based upon membership statistics. Rather, they are based upon expenses of the local church on a two-year lag.  So for example, the 2020 apportionments are based upon expenses for the local church during 2018, which are reported to the conference in 2019. 

The calendar year 2020 New York Annual Conference budget is $8,429,443 and here is how it all fits together:


22.6% or $1,902,491  – General Church & NEJ Apportionments: Funds the World Service Fund, Ministerial Education Fund, Episcopal Fund, Black College Fund, General Administration Fund, Africa University Fund, Interdenominational Cooperation Fund and the Northeastern Jurisdiction. 

20.4% or $1,723,819   Conference Programs: Funds Connectional Ministries, Conference Benevolences, Congregational Development & Church Revitalization, Disaster Response, Mission & Outreach, Justice for Our Neighbors, website (, church training programs, district programs (campus, youth, ecumenical, & justice ministries) and grants for local programs.

16.6% or $1,400,182  –  District Superintendents:  Funds the salaries, benefits, professional expenses and office expenses for our six Superintendents and their staff. Also funds the cost of six district parsonages. 

14.7% or $1,234,423 –  Conference Administration: Funds the Finance office, Conference Center in White Plains, a portion of Bishop’s office/housing, Bishop’s Assistant, publication of Journals and Directories, Conference Secretary and contingencies. 

8.8% or $734,179 – Conference Boards & Committees:  Funds Conference Sessions, Board of Trustees, Camping & Retreat Ministries, Board of Ordained Ministry,  Commission on Archives & History & other committees.

6.0% or $504,061 – Reserve for Full Funding: Recognizes that full budget is not collected via apportionments.  Ensures that certain required payments can be funded (e.g. payroll, benefits, taxes for conference staff and retiree healthcare).

5.6% or $477,500 Other Clergy Support:  Funds the cost of salaries supplements for struggling churches, clergy recruitment / assistance / transitional support, emergency aid and move costs.

4.4% or $373,788 Clergy Health Benefits:  Funds the costs of Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts for retirees and health coverage for those on incapacity leave.

0.9% or $70,000 Parish Development:  Funds grants to local churches for new missional projects & community programs.  About half is prioritized for ethnic ministry projects & programs. The $350k total is offset by $280k Parish Development Committee funds from of outside the conference budget.

Total 2020 Budget:  $8,429,443


The entire budget in detail can be viewed here>>