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Joseph Lorde Service Award

Awarded annually for recognition of outstanding service during the past five years or more, to the United Methodist Men in either his/her local church, the district that church is in or the NYAC-UMM. Please click here to download the pdf application for the Joseph Lorde Service Award>>

How to Start a Scouting Unit

Ten Steps to Organize a Unit:

1. Pastor is informed about Scouting.
2. Official church board adopts Scouting and pastor appoints a chartered organization representative.
3. Chartered organization representative appoints organization committee of parents and interested church members.
4. Orientation session is help with the members of the congregation and parents of youth.
5. Organization committee selects unit leaders and committee members.
6. Leaders are trained in program planning (Fast Start).
7. Program is planned for at least the first six months.
8. Youth are recruited.
9. Unit meetings begin.
10. Unit is installed and the charter is presented at a formal service in the church.

For more information, please contact Greg Holder, Scouting Ministry; E-mail Greg at ggregholder@aol.com

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