Mountains of Hope for Haiti

Location Furcy

Mountains of Hope for Haiti (MHH) has been the New York Conference presence in Haiti since 2002. MHH continues to work in partnership with the Methodist Church of Haiti (EMH), UMCOR, US-based congregations, and 4 rural Haitian communities.

Mountains of Hope "affirms the sacred dignity and worth of every human being. We believe that all people have a God-given right to sufficient clean water, food, and shelter, medical care, and opportunities for education and employment." 

Working in the rural mountain village of Furcy, 20 miles south and east of Port-au-Prince, current MHH projects include support for the Furcy Clinic, a Primary and Secondary School, and a Farmer's Association. Community projects include a Women's Sewing Ministry, Clean Water Projects, nd shared worship and partnership with the Methodist Church of Furcy. MHH has also provided critical supplies following emergencies such as hurricane Sandy and the recent protests.

Volunteer teams also provide much needed services such as medical and dental care, and other community-based support.

Mountains of Hope believes that a sustained presence and relationship in a community is the most effective means of enacting effective change and developing a more sustainable presence and future for the community. MHH does not so much "do" for others, but helps provide the basic necessities and tools by which others can "do" for themselves.

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