Ghana Mission

Location Awombrew, Ghana

Education is the Mission

We are committed to help transform the lives of impoverished children, and under-privileged youth, through education. Believing that education is the best tool for alleviating poverty and the effect of poverty on individuals and an entire communities we are providing education facilities and resources in Awombrew village of Ghana.

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The new cottage industry

Pen and Key Chain Turning. 
Nana and Jay Hockenberry believed that with just a little training and with the right tools young people of the village of Awombrew will be able produce pens and key chains using native Ghana wood.  The dream became a reality in November 2008 when 20 new pens were beautifully crafted by young people of Awombrew.

Healthcare facilities

Yipala and its surrounding villages always experience the occurrence of preventable diseases such as cerebro-spinal meningitis, measles, and diarrhea among others. The Northern Region has a much higher diarrhea prevalence rate at 31% compared to the national average of 18%. Most of the children under five years suffer from malnutrition, which has negative impact in the growth and development process of these children. The incidence of malaria is also high in these villages. With these and many other factors we have built a clinic hoping to furnish and equip it with medical resources.

Volunteers say:

This VIM Ghana trip has changed the way I feel about suffering and poverty. I can no longer bemoan what I lack having seen how joyful people with very little can be. I believe I will think globally before I purchase more things or place extra food on my plate that is more than I need to maintain my health.
- Pastor Tom
Every time you experience a new culture and you are exposed to a different way of life, it helps you re-evaluate the way you prioritize your own life. Personally, I learned that we take our physical possessions and desires too seriously and the only way to appreciate what’s really important is to let go of your physical desires. Fellowship and meditation are the only way to feel the soul.
- Sarah (18yrs)
 The local villagers in Awombrew were the friendliest and most welcoming group of people in spite of their conditions. Regardless of their possessions or lack of, they were eager to share their games and songs, and life goes on. I know I left a part of my heart and soul here, so this is not good-bye because there is much to accomplish here.
- Shirley (Adult)

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