Instructions for Recorded Webinars

The Resource Library is working with the Practical Resources for Churches to provide you access to a wide range of webinars.  A full list of the webinars and instructions on how to access them is listed below:

Click the title to see the description and view the recording.  You will need Windows Media Play 9 or higher on your computer.  The window that opens will ask for your contact information. If you have never used Go to Meeting you might need to download the "codec" here are installation instructions. After that the recording will open. This could take a few minutes to "buffer".

To watch a live presentation click the link in the word document, a window will open and ask you to fill in contact information.  A few days before the live presentation you will receive an e-mail with the information about the webinar and the link to start watching on the night of the event.  Keep this e-mail, although you will receive a reminder 1 hour before the time.  I have attached directions about taking a webinar for information about what you will see on your screen.  We use Go To Meeting and it will download a program to your computer, this takes a few minutes.

To watch in a group, if you have a screen, you would need to link you compute/laptop to the screen and then follow the same procedures.  We have had groups attend the live presentations and if they want to ask questions they will appoint one person type in the questions.  (Because of noise problems we have attendees type in their questions rather than speak). Frequently the presenter will give contact information if you have a question after the live event.  In the case of the Christian Education webinars, almost all have booklets that accompany them and the booklets are available on Practical Resources for Churches website http://www.prcli.org/resources/?  

Click for a full description and list of each available webinars>> or click on the links below:

Equipping Families to Teach the Faith to Their Children

Understanding Church Income and Sales Tax Liabilities

Teaching and Ministering to Tweens

Building a Website 101

Facebook Ambassadors -- How to Use Like and Share


Overcoming Obstacles to Change in Your Church Two Part Series   Led by Rev Paul Nixon

Part 1:   Part 2:

Focusing on the True Meaning of Christmas with Children

Online plus In-Person Hybrid learning in congregational faith formation

Working with Exceptional Children: ADHD and the Autism Spectrum

Planning Your Fall Financial Campaign

S.O.S. for teachers Schedule, Organization, Safety

Plan Your Year Round Stewardship Campaign

Sunday School Curriculum Review

A Church for Everyone -- Messy Church 

Using Visual Social Media to Embrace the Sacred and Build Community

Is It Time for a Church Potential Study? 

Ordinary Time Doesn’t Have to Be Ordinary

Company's Coming! Training for the Experience

Reaching Out to Children of Unchurched Parents

Community Survey: Why, What, Who, and How to Do It! 

The Church Nursery and Toddlers

Making Sure Your Church Website Works 

Does your Church have a Personality?

Get Their Name – Grow Your Church By Building New Relationships 

Close Encounters of the Worshipful Kind: Ways to E-value-ate Your Worship

Facebook Ministry 101

Health Care Credit for Churches 

Enhance Your Digital Ministry: Strategy and Tactics for Integrating Social Media

Teaching Sunday School About The Church Year