Whistleblower Hotline

The New York Annual Conference strives to act with integrity, honesty and respect for all persons with whom we come into contact. We rely on you to help us by speaking up whenever any situation threatens our values and our reputation. When you do, you provide us with the information necessary to remedy the situation. 

Such situations may pertain to: 

  • Ethics and compliance issues, such as concerns about ethical organizational behavior and accounting and financial reporting matters
  • Employee relations, such as concerns about your work environment, discrimination, retaliation or other Personnel Policy matters
  • Compliance with laws and regulations, such as concerns about labor laws, workers’ compensation laws, etc.
  • Personal security, such as concerns about harassment, threats, intimidation, workplace safety, firearms, etc.
  • Asset protection, such as concerns about theft or misuse of funds, equipment, materials, supplies, etc.
  • Illegal acts, such as concerns about sexual molestation of children and at-risk adults, the use, sale or possession of illegal substances on conference property, etc.

You should always feel free to discuss these concerns first with your immediate manager or with Ross Williams.

If you have concerns that you do not feel comfortable discussing with your immediate manager or Ross, or feel that you have not received a satisfactory answer or resolution, please contact:

  • For financial related concerns:  President of our Council on Finance and Administration (Jerry Eyster at jerryeyster@gmail.com). 
  • For all other concerns:  Chair of our Personnel Committee (Leslie Vachon at leslievachon@gmail.com)

If you are unsure of which person to contact, you should feel free to e-mail both.

Please be assured that you will never be retaliated against or punished in any way for reporting concerns in good faith.  Your reports will be kept confidential to the extent consistent with the ability to conduct a full and fair investigation and to comply with legal requirements.

Ross Williams is always available to discuss any questions you may have concerning this policy.