Young Adult Ministries

Student Movement

What is the United Methodist Student Movement? Imagine what could happen if this generation of college students were equipped, connected and sent forth to creatively and faithfully change the world! The United Methodist Student Movement is a grassroots movement of Methodist-affiliated college students that seeks to do just that. Grounded in a long tradition of developing leaders for the church and the world, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and centered in Christ, UMSM connects students with peers around the world, mentors in their communities and the resources of our global church for the sake of God’s dream for the world. Read more

Young People's Ministry

At the heart of Young People’s Ministries is the concept of networking. The primary work of the Young People’s Division will be centered on strengthening and creating connections among young people in the church. Global networks of youth, young adults, and adult workers with young people will be formed and guided by the Division. The Division will provide the point of connection, assist in visioning, and maintain accountability for these constituent networks. The networks will span throughout the connection in local churches, annual conferences, and central conferences/jurisdictions.  Read more


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