NYAC Youth Ministries

Often, we think youth ministry is so different than other ministries. With Youth, many think their church must have a specialized minister, someone young who understands teens and who is “cool.”

There has to be lots of games and pizza or the youth won’t show up. And above all, youth can’t be in regular church because it isn’t engaging enough, they're siloed away in youth rooms and balconies where they aren’t even seen by the congregation. 

What could it look like to include youth more into the daily workings of our churches and let them lead us?
Imagine if in the midst of the ordinary, we can meet Christ in the faces of our youth and that when they look back into ours, they’ll see Christ too. Nothing can change the world quite like the overflowing love of God.

With this in mind, the New York Annual Conference (NYAC) Youth Ministry works with NYAC churches to help find new and creative ways to pour so much into the lives of their young people that they can do nothing else but overflow that love into the world.

We do this by working to build and strengthen: 

  • Cooperative Youth Groups: Instead of having NYAC churches each struggling to have a youth group, why not get together with other UMC churches in the area to do it? We understand that many hands make light work, and can help your church partner in order to strengthen and/or grow your youth ministry.
  • Connection between NYAC mission ministry and youth ministries: The NYAC Youth Ministry has partnered with Youth Ambassadors In Mission (YAM) ministry to help grow young Christian leaders, develop their faith, teach them how to love and serve God’s children everywhere in this world, and instill the Wesleyan/Holiness missions spirit of evangelism and social responsibility. 
  • Youth Worker engagement. NYAC church pastors, lay members and volunteers often need training to serve as viable resource for youth within their congregations. Our youth ministry can help.
  • Connection between NYAC youth and our camping ministries.
  • Relationships between NYAC youth, Bishop Bickeron and other NYAC leaders. Our confirmation rallies are especially designed to create opportunities for youth to engage with leadership in ways that ensure they  are seen and heard on key issues of importance to their success within our churches. 
  • Conference Council on Youth Ministry, to ensure that NYAC youth have the reach and voice needed to evoke change for their own demographic. 

  These are but a few of the ways in which NYAC Youth Ministries can help your church engage in the next-level thinking needed to build and/or enhance the interest and engagement of our youth, stay on top of matters of
issue to our youth and find the resources you need to be fruitful in your efforts to build or grow your church's youth ministry.

Have questions about how to grow your church's youth ministry? Call our Director of Connectional Ministries, Denise Smartt Sears at 914-615-2230 to see how we can help.